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Post by Mykelemagne on Fri Dec 19, 2008 4:22 pm

1. What is your in game name, and co-ords?
Mykelemagne, coord:
CisalPin-Sol Gaul, capital (-18, -259)
Unknown Kadath (-17, -258)
Alsace-Moron (-17, -259)
Strongbadia (-19, -258)
2. What is your population?
3. What is your troop count? (Please give a detailed list)
980 Phalanx
236 Swordsmen
22 Pathfinders
219 Theutates Thunders
606 Druidriders
350 Haeduans
8 Rams
10 Trebuchet
1 Chieftan
2432 Total Troops
4. What is your style of play? Offensive/Defensive?
Have only been attacked two or three times, so Offensive
5. What other alliances, if any, have you been a member of/are on this server?
6. What other servers have you played? What alliances were you a member of there?
7. Do you have a sense of humour?
Only when referring to meat pies, Shakespeare and the Labour Party. At all other times, I have a sense of 'humor'


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