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Post by jonnyfiv on Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:48 am

1. In game name is Jonnyfive
Coords (-101, -303) (-101, -306) (-102, -306) (-101, -305) (-102, -307)

2. population of 2026

3. clubswingers 300
spearmen 850
scouts 130
Paladins 400
Rams 15.
catapults 12
teutonic knights 100

Army is a little shorthanded due to recent losses defending a friend, currently rebuilding Smile will be back up to at least 2500 very soon.

4. Style of play is a mixture of both, I have a few farms which I use everyday, and I will of course always provide assistance in alliance attacks. As well I am always willing to provide defence to fellow alliance members, which is shown above with my slightly low troop count, as I was assisting in defence and lost alot of troops.

5. I originally started with a few people in my 7 x 7 with an alliance, than we joined ants, moved on to rangers2 thinking it would be better organized and provide a more enjoyable game, however this is not the case.

6. I originally played on the speed server

7. Yes I have a sense of humor, its a game right, its supposed to be about having fun and relieving some stress

On a side note, I am quite active, and looking for an alliance which has some coordination and actually does something in this game. So far all I have found in alliances are ones that no one talks to each other except when they are getting their asses kicked and want you to come save them. I have seen what ABC-S can do, and their level of coordination, because they have leveled a few people that I have been in an alliance with. While I am quite active I have one sitter that watches the game for me while I am working or such, however I would also be willing to have an ABC member be my second sitter. Oh and i'm not getting farmed or attacked at the moment Smile Hoping to join the ranks of ABC-S



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