3 snipes needed, one important

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3 snipes needed, one important

Post by ZeratulsDomain on Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:19 pm

Most important snipe:
Village: [13] Battlecruiser (-8|-31)
First attack Attack at 08:24:52 o'clock
Best time for snipe to land: at 08:24:52 o'clock

Lots of wave are at villages [13], but if you miss, there is 1 attack at 54, 55, 56 and 57. Followed by about 10 waves from a player (wtricks) who probably wont have a clear 30 seconds later.

Village: [12] Defiler (-6|-30)
First attack Attack at 08:44:46
Best time for snipe to land: 08:44:46 o'clock
or 08:44:47 o'clock
or 08:44:48 o'clock
or 5-10 seconds after that, but earlier the better.

Village: [11] Mutalisk (-9|-30)
First attack Attack at 08:27:46
Best time for snipe to land: 08:27:46
or 08:27:47
or 1-3 seconds after that.

Main player with potential clear: Aralia
Smaller player with potential follow up pults: wtricks

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