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Post by AnSherif on Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:47 pm

1. What is your in game name, and co-ords?

Ansheriff ,(-343) (-149), (-340) (-155), (-339) (-156), (-342) (-179), (-337) (-151),(-342) (-149),(-338) (-152)

2. What is your population?


3. What is your troop count? (Please give a detailed list)

phalanx 620
swdsmen 540
scouts 101
tt's 690
druidriders 87
haeduans 1226
rams 29
catas 126
recently took 7th village using chieftain

4. What is your style of play? Offensive/Defensive?
Mostly offensive as you can see from the troop count, but i tend to defend raids generally,recently lost a significant portion of my defensive troops though (approx 1000)
current offensive rank on server is 1014
current defensive rank on server is 1578

5. What other alliances, if any, have you been a member of/are on this server?
I'm currently a member of ISS-I, joined out of friendship rather then tactics so looking to join one of the ABC wings if possible

6. What other servers have you played? What alliances were you a member of there?
this account is a dual account, so activity isn't a problem, ansheriff played previously as a dual on the account shane0 on s3ukx (the last speed server not the current one) the alliance was called DOW(dogs of war)

7. Do you have a sense of humour?
lixdexics are teeple poo!


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