URGENT! RE: Daq and Thetan

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URGENT! RE: Daq and Thetan

Post by flashy on Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:35 am

Hey Guys,
(All of you not in GPA, help for Thetan is urgently needed (-22/-11) BEFORE 06:26:05 UTC on thursday 23th )!

Firstly. for those of GPA that have sent Def to Daq, please please do NOT recal your troops ....... he has more attacks incoming tomorrow the 23rd. Do please send more crop. Crop can be sent to -51/-50 or -50/-51.

Secondly, for those of you that have spare troops, or have not sent anything to Daq, and 'i know who you are' ........ send to Thetan, he is desparate for reinforcements. We need to keep these attackers of ours alive, so come on guys.

(-22/-11) GROUP HUG!! BEFORE 06:26:05 UTC on thursday 23th.. that's around 19 hours from now.

It is imperative for people to send Thetan an IGM of what troops are they sending AND crop... he is running very negative at the moment.

Thank you

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